July 6, 2010

am gonna bring ponchos back

yes, i once went through a poncho phase, like everyone else. i was in 5th grade and thought i was the coolest kid on the block for wearing bright blue loose knit ponchos with a pair of brown gaucho pants. awkward. but while joking with a friend about ponchos and gaucho pants making a come back, i thought about ponchos, and that they are kinda like snuggies, just kinda blankets. and who doesn't love snuggies. so i went through the effort to find a few that (are really expensive so...) are awesome. yum.

my personal favorite. $100???? maybe..... i bet i could find a cheaper one. its my new mission. next to bringin back the bangin ponchos.

nice too

this wouldn't really satisfy my poncho craving for it has sleeves, a the classic poncho is essentially a blanket with a hole for the head.

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