May 26, 2010

so ya. sorry.

im reading my daily run through of basically 10 different fashion blogs, and suddenly feel very.. poser-ish.
the thing is, i don't know much about "fashion." not a lot of really important people or dates or things, i just kinda know what i like. i know what i see.
i don't know why i love it so much and can't write a page about how fashion affects the world without it being cheesy and cliche.
i like clothes a lot, i love them, and i love fashion. but i am not going to post my opinion on this seasons runway shows or the new spread in a magazine, most likely. i do like looking through the new york times and gazing over the raulph lauren spread or vouge and such, but i just honestly don't know much else. thats ok though. i just want people to enjoy daily, ordinary normal folks style. i hope you find the beauty in everydayness.

so here are some more photos of my friend isabella. she says she looks like a poser but i think she looks like she's having fun.

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