April 7, 2010

feels like going vintage shopping.

i have been fashion missing-in-action these past weeks. I try to keep on keepin on, but i get to tired or sick or sick of clothes. which is a horrid thing to say. but it happens. and now, i have been checking out some other blogs, and i just want to go be original. you know, for a couple of days now, i've seen many people i know get excited about being matching, or all wearing the same style of shirt (and sure, the outfits and shirts were cute- [v necks]) but i don't want that to happen to me all the time. if you look cute, es buen. but i want to look cute without matching other people.

i'm thinking tomorrow:
boyfriends light wash ripped jeans.
loose yet fitted t shirt.
loose chunky gray sweater.
no shoes. tomorrow is "a day without shoes", a campaign for Toms Shoes, where you go a day without shoes to see what its like to live without them. (but i'm bringing flip flops just in case i get yelled at.)

so here are some photos to entertain you. they are all taken by Dirk Mai. http://www.dirkmai.com/page/3

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