March 7, 2010

who doesn't love dressing from a different time?

so i've been shopping lately. *what's new!*
and i've been finding some awesome vintage stores. and i got THESE SHOES.

i LOVE THEM. i wear them everyday i can, every time i can. they are
a) verrryy comfortable
b) soft and smooth on the inside and outside
c) the catalyst for many new and improved outfits
d) the best shoe purchase i have ever made.

*how much were they!?*
only $35!!!
*yaayyyy deals!!!!!*
i know.

i've had yet another epiphany.
this one pair of shoes has (have?) changed me. who says shoes can't do that?
i'm sick of looking down the hall and seeing 26 different vans or converse (although i do like both, don't get me wrong). i just find a certain happiness in knowing only i have these shoes at my school, in my town, right now..? they have a certain je-ne-sais-que about them. i can do anything in them. run, jump, be 2 centimeters taller (why would i need that, i'm already taller than everybody else...?), and get compliments from everyone from seniors at school, to senior citizens like my nana (and yes, i do like compliments from old people, old people rock). and who doesn't like their ego boosted a little? :P

the thing i'm trying to say is, these shoes create a new view. i feel unstoppable. i believe every person should have a pair of shoes that make them feel on top of the world. take as long as you need to discover them, don't be half-hearted about them, because once you find them, you will know they are "the ones".

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