March 28, 2010

what is to ones own style?

ok. so i was thinking about high fashion. and i know many other people have thought the same thing:
the person who designed that must be on crack.
i mean, it's crazy.
and weird.
and bewildering.

and although i would never wear something that was more an abstract piece of art than a a piece of clothing, they are beautiful. and yes, very very abstract art. and for those people who do actually wear those kinds of clothes, you rock. i could never have the balls to wear something like what the high fashion people design.

for me personally, fashion is a place where i can set my mind straight and figure out my mood. it is a original piece of your character, how you choose to present yourself. that is why i don't shop at stores like abercrombie or hollister: so many other people are wearing it the exact same way you are. the clothes arent even good quality, and are really pricey. this isn't going to be some crazed anti-mall store post, and it's not going to be a "high fashion is stupid" post-- i'm just saying this:

fashion is your own. only you have your own personal style. however you choose to represent yourself, whether you want jeans and a t shirt that says hollister on it or a metal dress, wear something that reflects your own heart.

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