March 24, 2010

completely and utterly uninspired

( sitting in a car, bored.)

>>> wwhhhyyyyy
is my life so blank right now?
so blah and boring and
yea. i feel like a black hole that is waiting for the universe to explose so i can finally take in something. maybe tomorrow i will wear red lipstick, or something, and be *gasp* unique?? is that what i strive for everyday?

and right now, the weather is being terribly bipolar. i mean, i was wearing a striped tank top and leggings, eating out in the sun, and am now bundled up in sweaters facing a computer screen!
i could go search my closet. and find something. im already thinking up ideas.
AHH i thought of something.

imagine this:
a white scoop neck top that has shoulder embellishments, under a rust/rouge slouchy sweatshirt with faded flappers on it, super dark, super tight skinny jeans, and i dont know what shoes yet.

BUT, i'm excited.

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