February 15, 2010

Starting the Year a Little Late

So this will be my first entry. For all you reading (probably none I'm guessing), I have a week off school, and am deciding to spend my time with fashion (I just made some moolah babysitting, and am planning to go out shopping in San Francisco). But as my parents were watching the huge nation wide dog show on television, I decided to leave and create this blog.

Fashion blogging seems to be my inspiration these days, and I am choosing to become a part of that scene. I adore fashion. But you would know that, for I am starting this webpage.
And like all other fashion lovers, I have my obsessions. And if you like one or more of these things, you will probably enjoy my blog. If you don't, then I think you may not like my entries. Here are just a few.
- black tights or leggings
- worn out jeans with holes. You know, the ones your grandmother (if she is anything like mine) would want to barf on.
- a black blazer
- oxford/ tumbler shoes
- at least one slouchy tee shirt
- or slouchy sweater. these my grandparents do approve of, and even my grandpa gave me one of his own.

These, in my opinion, are essential.

I am also obsessed with SKINNY JEANS, no matter what people say about them making my butt look big, because PEOPLE. I already know the fact that my butt is large. and my love for skinny jeans out rules everything.

Now, I will try to post pictures and hope that anybody willing to check out a beginners blog will check out mine.

Live for today. Don't blend in.
With all the love in my heart, I'm begging you to begin your life AS YOU WANT IT, and quit believing that to fit in, you need to be like everyone else. Step 1: mix up your clothes, you will feel BEAUTIFUL.

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