February 18, 2010

grrr darn you security guards!!!

ok so i tried taking pictures, but was caught by the guards! apparently, they don't want you taking photos anymore inside stores. i bought a few things though, and ill take pictures and post them soon. i bought things that ive had my eye on for a while, trends ive been picking up on, like rosebud stud earrings in a dark-burned gold that kind of looks like they were found in the sunken titanic, black lace tights, a red and white stripped tank top (nautical), a white t shirt with shoulder embellishments, and a black and white stripped v neck tee shirt for some art classes im taking these next few weeks. most things i got from forever21, but the earrings i bought from nordstroms (for $4!!!) and the tights i bought from h&m. i love bargains!!!

the picture above was taken by my mom while she was going to a concert a few nights ago. she's pretty awesome.

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